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Increase Customer Retention and Grow your business

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Developer First

Built by developers to solve their own problem.

Launched to help early-stage and bootstrapping startup founders.

Customer Acquisition

Start lead generation campaigns in less than 10 minutes. Collect emails with powerful, template-based lead magnets!

Customer Retention

Launch campaigns to capture live customer feedback from within your application. Calculate Live NPS and improve customer satisfaction based on direct feedback.

Powerful Segmentation

Build segmented campaigns based on functional (roles) and non-functional dimensions (mobile, browsers, os etc.) and optimize the output.

Advanced Targeting

Target specific customers in your Acquisition and Retention campaigns using configurable logic without writing code. Example - Gather feedback only from


Customer Acquisition
Get New Customers - Better, Faster, Cheaper
Lead Capture Box
Lead Magnet (Templates)
Powerful Segmentation
Advance Targeting
Advance Campaign Scheduling
Lead Scoring - Coming Soon
Split Testing - Coming Soon
Customer Retention
Delight Your Customers by building what they love
Live NPS
Live NPS (With Skip Logic)
Support for Popup & Embedded Widget
Segmented NPS
Targeted NPS
NPS Campaign Scheduling
Customer Feedback Widget - Coming Soon

Unique cash-flow based Pricing
To support early-stage founders